Application Form for a Shed to become a member of Men's Sheds Canada

Men's Sheds Canada has only one type of Voting Member, and that is a Registered Shed.
This Application Form sets your Shed on the path to becoming one.

“Shed” or “Men's Shed” shall mean a group of at least six (6) men, each at least the age of majority in their province of residence, organized as a corporation or as an association, whether independently or sponsored by another agency, existing for the primary purpose of:

i. supporting and enhancing the personal well-being, health and sense of purpose of its members, and

ii. providing a fellowship that offsets a sense of isolation and loneliness among men, provided that the Shed’s or sponsoring agency’s objectives and activities do not run counter to the Canadian Men's Sheds Association’s Articles and Bylaws.

This is the person MSC should contact if there are any questions about the Application.
Incorporated as a Not-for-Profit (provide Incorporation Number),

Sponsored/operating under the wing of another organization (e.g., Church, Registered Charity (provide Charity Number)

A lose collection of Guys with no legal status yet.
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