Volunteers Needed

Matching Volunteers with Jobs or Tasks

You have a lifetime of experience, developed skills and no doubt a little bit of wisdom. Don't let it go to waste.

We invite you to get involved. Find your purpose! We need your energy & experience! You can impact a whole country!

To help you select an area that matches your skills and interests to our needs, we will create an online Registry of Jobs and Tasks that need doing. We will also create a Registry of Volunteers, so you can lay out what you like, what you are good at, and what you want to do.

Then we will try to match up the round peg with the round hole.

That system is a ways off. In the meantime, we have several areas where we need help right now. So, for the short term, we will do it the old fashion way.

Below is a list of areas we need help in and a button for you to send us a quick note to start the ball rolling. Don't be afraid to suggest a few of your own.

Jobs, Committees and Tasks we need help with

Click on the task heading for more details.

Tell us which areas you are interested in, or suggest one of your own.

Enter the Specific Job listed above or the area you are interested in
Give us a little background to help us properly task you at the right level of commitment, for how long and what skill level you bring. This is Men's Sheds. If you want to learn, we are all about providing you with the opportunity to grow with the proper guidance. Many jobs have no skills required. If you feel an existing resume is the quickest way to inform us, you may upload it below, but one is not required. A few lines of text in this field will be enough to start the ball rolling.
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