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We have curated what we think are some of the best videos made by Men's Sheds and their friends. But be warned! You may never be the same after experiencing these stories.
Men's Sheds combats isolation and depression.

Men's Sheds are places for men to fight the isolation and depression that often comes with retirement, unemployment, or losing a life partner or friends. 4:30

Squamish Men's Sheds and the good they do.

This is a great real-world example video is about the Squamish Men's Shed is a great real-world example of what the worldwide movement is all about. In their own words:

Building Better Together
From nails to compound saws to clamps to a coffee and chat

Maitland Men's Shed: giving back with a bit of help from sponsors

Twenty-five local 'Shedders' from the Maitland Men's Shed came together to complete a range of toys and play equipment to donate to Ronald McDonald House at the John Hunter Hospital. 3:54

Men's Sheds Canada: Sharing spaces

Men's Shed Manitoba has created a video from a very Canadian Perspective. 7:28

Female Australian TV personality Bettina Arndt argues that Men's Shed should remain Men Only, but with activities and training open to all members of society.

Bettina believes people involved in the Men's Shed movement need to take action to protect these male sanctuaries that enrich the spirit and even save the lives of some men. So come on, men – grow a pair and stand up for men! 25:34

Arnprior & McNab-Braeside Men's Shed, Ontario, a Social Health Care Innovation

The local Hospital changed how it looks at the world and, therefore, its name: from Arnprior Hospital to Arnprior Region Health. "We are here to create a healthy community together." Sponsoring a Men's Shed was the natural result of that vision change. Watch the video to see what happened.

The ramification: "Men's Sheds are considered a Social Health Care Innovation." Albert Einstein said it best: "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." 8:56

BC Men's Shed Association's Inaugural Conference 2021

BC is leading the country to establish Men's Sheds as a concrete way to enhance so many lives.

Ontario's Men's Shed Association is just getting started, and the BC group has been beneficial.

This conference video summarizes why Men's Shed is so relevant within the Canadian framework. 4:04

Woodworking is therapy, and it's good for the Community too.

This video takes you inside Whittlesea Men's Shed. You'll meet some of the Shedders, see what they do and get a sense of the atmosphere of friendship. It only happened because of sponsorship by several levels of government and industry. 3:59

Men's Sheds Cymru The Movie

Dozens of men in Wales express what being in a Men's Shed means to them. You won't see a reason repeated.19:58

Australia's Men's Sheds Assoc: more than a 1000 Sheds strong

This 30-second Community Service Announcement encouraged people all over Australia to "find a shed near you." 0:30

Husbands of Target

This is not about Men's Sheds, but the illustrates the need for Men bonding. It's funny yet poignant. 4:13

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The world is full of content that relates to men helping men. Feel free to point us to something great.

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