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CNC's Logo from MDF

10 March 2023

With a new name and new website, we need a new Logo. Internally we created the logos you see above. They are derivative works from the Edmonton sheds. Thanks, Punch Jackson, for allowing us to do so. While the current logos fit the bill, we hope someone out there can do better. Therefore we invite all Shedders to submit their idea(s) for a design that better represents the national association.

Ideally, it will be simple enough to work on small scales (on letterhead, email signatures, etc.) and on the website and promotional material.

As background information, our national Mission is: ‘Serve and Connect Men’s Sheds across Canada,’ and our Vision is: ‘A Shed for Every Man Who Wants One.’

Guidelines for submission:
Your digital design should be in a standard image format that we can easily view (bitmapped or vector), such as JPEG or PNG. If you prefer a hard copy, then a scanned drawing is acceptable.

Any text should be readable, even in a small format, for use on letterhead. We need a ‘square’ or ‘round’ version for social media and web icons and an ‘elongated’ version for letterhead and web page headers. We might even CNC a few.

Your design should be in high contrast to work in dark-on-light and light-on-dark applications.

If selected, you agree that your design will become the property of MSC for our future promotional purposes without compensation or attribution.

Your design(s) must be submitted by April 15, 2023, via the form below.

The Board will review submissions from all applicants and work with the contest winner to develop the final formats.

Winner receives:
A copy of Barry Golding' book on the Men's Shed movement, a dinner for two, bragging rights, and the recognition and gratitude of all Canadian Shedders.

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Please provide a submitter's name, Shed Name, phone number, location, and anything relevant to explain your design.
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