We Serve & Connect Men's Sheds Across Canada

Men's Sheds is based on a simple concept: Improve our members' physical and mental health through activities men will actually join.

It's where you can learn or teach new skills and find new opportunities and interests while making new friends.

A Men's Shed provides a safe and friendly environment where men can work on meaningful projects. Men work at their own pace, in their own time, in the company of other men.

A Shed offers men an alternate way to reach out to avoid 'isolation' while giving back to society.

  • Free Webinar: 5 Dec, 2023
    Free Webinar: 5 Dec, 2023
  • MS Canada and MS UK put their heads together. (Aug 2023) Click on the photo for more info.
  • MSC Aug 2023 Newsletter
    MSC Aug 2023 Newsletter
Our Mission

We serve and connect Men’s Sheds across Canada.

Our Vision

A Shed for every man who wants one.

Our Values

We network with our members, associates and like-minded organizations at the national, provincial, and community levels to benefit all Canadians.

Equality & Inclusion
Our work creates welcoming and diverse communities of respect, companionship and purpose for all Shedders, regardless of racial, religious or cultural differences.

Servant Leadership
We demonstrate and promote leadership in everything we do while respecting the grass-roots autonomy of Sheds and regional Shed associations.

Integrity & Openness
We will be transparent in our actions and accountable to our members and associates.

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